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Deathwish  MUD

    DeathWish MUD is a land filled with dragons, knights, sorcerers, and hundreds upon hundreds of fantasy characters for adventurers to meet and experience.   Created in 1993, this is a very well written and well-established MUD for all ages.  There are 12,000+ rooms for exploration, tons of great features, a Mud School, six regular classes, four remort-only classes, four large Hometowns, two continents, 50 mortal levels a remort system, player housing.and lots more.  Come visit us and discover the world of fantasy and enchantment.   Read why Deathwish is a step above the others   HERE!

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Last purchased:
6/10/16  Bought new server when the old one crashed:  $59.00
12/07/16   Linksys N600 Router:   $74.19
12/11/16   Barebones case  w/power supply and fan:   $40.97
5/28/19   Domain for dw.kicks-ass.org paid for 1 year