How Deathwish MUD stands out from the rest!

All MUDS originate from the game Dungeons and Dragons.  From D&D spawned the very first D&D text adventure game, "Zork".  At least I think that was the first one.  And from Zork was spawned the first MUD, called a DikuMUD, from the computer science department at John Hopkins University.  From DikuMUD came CircleMUD in 1990, and so on and so forth.  Deathwish is a CircleMUD that was born in 1993 under the name "Reality Bites Mud".  In 1994 it changed hands and became Deathwish MUD, thus after it was fixed and re-opened for play on December 19th, 1994, that became it's official "birthday".  As Deathwish MUD it ran from 1994 until 1998, when it's name was changed to Aaezure Odyssey MUD because many players felt it's name was too "intimidating".  As of June 8, 2017, we have flipped back to our original name.

We have upgraded from the old Circlemud 2.2 to a newer codebase and added many things that really make it stand out from all the rest of the MUDS.  Here are just a few of the nicest things about it:

  • You can roll the stats that you want for your character's class and race to your heart's content with no limitations.

  • Not only that, but we've put your stats right into your score screen so you can see them change as you acquire equipment and spells that affect them.

  • You are allowed to play 3 characters online at the same time if you wish.  You may choose to play just one or two characters, that's fine too. If you choose to play three characters at the same time, that's much harder!

  • Unlike most muds, you do not have to type long names out completely.  We thought that was very annoying.  You can instead just type out the first 2 or 3 letters of it.  This applies to everything on the mud, not just other players.

  • Do you hate having to remove something in order to wear something else?  We did too.  That's why Deathwish has "autoequip".  When you wear an item, the one in it's place is automatically removed.

  • You can also save several changes of clothes into "eqsets" and change your clothes by typing one command.  No equipment spam during changing -  all you and other people will see is, "Soandso quickly changes clothes."

  • We have autosplit and autoloot.  Autoloot loots gold, only, so there is never any bickering over someone autolooting a piece of equipment that they shouldn't have grabbed.

  • It is not possible to loot another player's corpse on Deathwish.  Each player can add someone to their "trusted" list if they wish to allow that player to loot or retrieve their corpse for them.  Trusted lists are reset to "none" when you quit the game for your own safety.

  • Don't you just hate it when you log off wearing all of your equipment and with everything else inside your container, but when you come back you have to sort it all out, put everything back on, and put everything back into your container again?  On Deathwish you will not only come back wearing everything you had on when you quit, but everything that was in your container will still be inside it too!

  • Should the MUD crash when you have a corpse in the game, the corpse and everything in it is saved and will be right where you died so you can continue to retrieve it.  On almost all muds, in this situation all would be lost.

  • Our remort system is completely menu-driven and very easy to navigate.  No God assistance necessary.

  • Ever logged onto a new mud and been instantly pk'd by some high level arsehole?  Our Battlefield is safe, and FUN - and the only place where PK is possible.  Oh, and nobody can steal any of your equipment there either.   =)

  • The auction system on Deathwish is truly one of it's greatest features.  No more having to leave your group or what you're doing to make a transaction.  Deathwish's auto auctions deposit or withdraw the gold from your bank account and remove or deposit the item bought or sold right into your inventory without you having to go anywhere!

  • Do you hate a MUD where you have to find an Inn and then rent?  Deathwish is a save and quit MUD.  There is no rent, there are taxes which are automatically paid to the IRS upon quitting.  You can quit from anywhere within the city limits of your Hometown with up to 46 items.  (That's 2 complete sets of equipment, plus a container, plus a drink container, plus some extra.)

  • With the conversion to a newer CircleMUD codebase, the addition of DG Scripts has made the MUD a lot more fun -  in many ways.  We can make rooms, mobs, or objects interact with players, teleport players, transform into other things, charge a fee for entry, answer riddles, and countless other things.  This in a whole has opened the MUD to an infinite number of very fun things to play with for both players and admin/builders.  All of the old mob programs have already been converted, and many more interesting DG scripts will appear in the future as the MUD continues to grow and expand.

  • We have player housing!   You can have your very own house for you and your multies, and lockers that can be purchased to store and save all of your treasures.  There are many more things that separate Deathwish from most of the other MUDS on the net.  Instead of our going on about them on this web page, why don't you just stop by and see for yourself?   =)

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