The Builder Application

    This is the Deathwish Builders's application form.  Area builders must have excellent spelling, punctuation, grammar, and be creative thinkers; able to translate their fantasies into the printed word.  Below are three boxes in which you will be given a scenario of a specific place where you are standing.  Type the way you would describe each place in the form of a room description in the boxes.  Be sure you indent each paragraph by three spaces, and keep your description between 5 to 10 lines long.

Please enter your REAL name.

Please enter your full email address (make sure it's correct).

Deathwish MUD was created in 1994 and later named "Aaezure Odyssey MUD".  Have you played the MUD as a mortal by either MUD name?


Please enter all character names you have had on the MUD that we might know you by.

How much time can you put in per week for working on your area?

Room Number 1:
You are standing at an intersection in a large, crowded town.

Room Number 2:
You are deep in a magical forest full of elves and fairies.

Room Number 3:
You are standing just inside the gates of a castle.

Please review the application above, make sure your EMAIL address and other pertinent information is correct.  Failure to be truthful on this application will result in your application being denied and all future applications rejected.  Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application.