The Coder Application

   This is the Deathwish MUD Coder's application form, designed specifically to allow for coders to apply for a position on the team for the development of the Deathwish MUD 5.1 beta source project.  Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours of submission, and you will receive a response via email if we are interested.

Prospective coders:

1) Must have a good working knowledge of Unix/Linux systems.

2) Must be able to answer a few miscellaneous questions on programming and
    debugging in the C language.

3) MAY first be asked to complete a short coding assignment.

4) Must be able to follow instruction and/or a list of coding tasks.  You will not
    be able to code anything you want.  No code will be installed into the MUD
    without the pre-approval of the Imp.  All new code is first examined and tested
    thoroughly before it is implemented.  If for any reason it is unsatisfactory,
    you will have to correct it and it will not be installed into the MUD until
    it works properly.

5) You MAY NOT ftp any files from the coder's copy on the machine under any
    circumstances with no exceptions.  Deathwish MUD's customized
    code is copyrighted.  A coder is NOT entitled to a full or partial copy of the MUD.
    Any person in possession of copyrighted code or areas belonging to Deathwish
    MUD will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Please enter your REAL name.

Please enter your full email address (make sure it's correct).

Please select your age.

Deathwish MUD was created in 1994 and later named "Aaezure Odyssey MUD".  Have you played the MUD as a mortal by either MUD name?


Please enter all character names you have had on the MUD that we might know you by.

Please select your experience in C programming.

!!!   STOP   !!!

    If you have NO experience in C programming we're sorry, but you cannot apply for a coding position.

 Please hit your back button on your browser to return to the Infocenter.  If you do have experience in C
programming, please finish the rest of the questions.

Have you ever coded on a CircleMUD?


Do you have experience using GDB?


Do you have experience using Patch?


In the event we should ever decide to re-code the MUD in C++ do you have experience in C++ ?


Do you have experience using the Linux operating system?


Have you ever used the mySQL database?


If accepted to code for us, how much time can you put in PER WEEK?

Briefly, how much do you know about Deathwish?

Please review the application above, make sure your EMAIL address and other pertinent information is correct.  Failure to be truthful on this application will result in your application being denied and all future applications rejected.  Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application.