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Mud History

In 1992, Myst brought Orion and Merlin to RealityBites Mud, a Mud she had been playing. Sheol and Anton advanced them all to help work on the mud. In late 1993, Myst and Sheol had a falling-out when Sheol became a basket case and had a breakdown resulting in Myst leaving the mud, taking Orion and Merlin with her. Immediately after Myst contacted Anton about the situation, Anton informed her that he was also leaving, and asked her if she would be interested in helping him put up his copy of the mud. Anton and Myst, (and later Merlin and Orion) then started work on Anton's copy, putting it up for play in December 1994 as DeathWish Mud with Anton changing his name to Ulric.

After only a couple of months after starting DeathWish Mud, Anton (Ulric) lost interest and disappeared, leaving only Myst to maintain and complete work on the Mud and only making an appearance when Myst pleaded him via email for help with something. By 1996 none of the players even know who he was, accusing Myst of actually being Ulric. Ulric would have nothing to do with the Mud and no longer even answered any of Myst's emails. Myst developed the Mud alone from it's inception until 1997, when Ulric suddenly logged on for the first time in 3 years, praising Myst for her work and exclaiming how nice the Mud turned out. After assessing that the Mud was exceptionally nice, Ulric proceeded to attempt a hostile takeover, muting Myst and setting her level to level 1, changing the password for the mud account on the host server, tarring up the mud in it's entirety, ftping it to his site, deleting it from the host server and canceling the host account, then putting it up on his site, offering the staff and players outrageously impossible perks to mutiny Deathwish and deflect to his copy.

Fortunately Myst had a back-up copy of the Mud. She found a free mud host and put the Mud back up, but found that all but a handful of players and staff had gone over to Ulric's copy which resulted in her having to start a whole new player base and staff. During this time, there were two addresses for DeathWish Mud on the net, resulting in even more confusion. Myst finally won the battle over the Mud's name. Ulric changed the name of his copy to "Aank Mud" and later to"Promethius Mud" and Myst continued development of DeathWish alone. Eventually the players and staff started trickling back when Ulric pulled another disappearing act again on his own copy without making good on his promises, but Myst refused to reinstate deserters to their positions as staff. By the time he showed up on his copy again, it was abandoned and everyone was gone. He left it running for a short while and then took it down for good.

DeathWish MUD ran for many years under that name and then changed it's name to Aaezure Odyssey MUD in around 1999, and then back again to it's original name DeathWish in 2017. DeathWish MUD / aka Aaezure Odyssey MUD / originally known as RealityBites Mud) is one of the longest running Circlemuds on the net and still running strong!