The Immortal Application

    Immortals must apply for a "permanent" Immortal position on Deathwish.  Immortals are not a social position, but a working position.  Permanent Immortals shall help with the daily running of the MUD and dealing with player problems.  Those who perform this task with maturity and level-headedness and who show good judgement will be considered for future promotions.  If you do not wish to have a permanent Immortal, you will have to remort your Sage back into the mortal world.

Please enter your REAL name.

What is your age?

Please enter your full email address (make sure it's correct).

Do you currently have a level 51 Sage?


Please enter your Sage's name.

How much time do you have per day for assisting on the MUD?

Please state briefly what contributions you can make toward helping the MUD.

I have read the Immortal Handbook and I understand it.


Please review the application above, make sure your EMAIL address and other pertinent information is accurate.
Thank you for applying for an Immortal on Deathwish.