Here are all the pics I could find of what I've been doing, why I'm not around much,
why I'm AFK so much and why I'm so exhausted all the time.   Heh.  :P

My Easter ham.  I know it doesn't belong in here, but it was just so pretty!

This is what my living room looked like when my son and his GF lived with me.

This is what it looks like now!  =)

I can't even describe how bad this hallway used to look! (Sorry, no before pic.)

My son's old room, now my mom's.  Freshly painted pastel yellow, and new curtains.  That's Tessa on the bed.  (No before pic for this one either.)

The other side of my mom's room.  And her siamese cat, Sam!

The rusty bathroom.  Plus kitten Cali out of Tessa's last litter wanted to get in the pic.  =)

The bathroom now!  Hmm... still kinda cluttered.  :(

The only pic I got of the computer room before I started it was this one, of the closet that I don't think had ever been painted. The walls were already done before I remembered to take a pic.  :(

The computer room closet now.

I've finished the last interior room (my bedroom), but the before pic didn't turn out well and you can't really see how bad it was.  I do have an after pic tho' that I'll get around to posting eventually.  :P