Who am I,  you ask?

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     I'm Myst,  just a person, with many ups and downs, good qualities, bad qualities, good days and bad days, sometimes overly sensitive, sometimes too emotional, but not a bad person...  definitely not a bad person...  just human, and glad of  it.  Better than being a dragon.

      I've been around for a while.  Perhaps we have met before.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps our paths may never cross.  I've been seen around on the net since 1990 or so.  There was only one other Myst back then, on IRC. Sigh...  now there are so many others using my name...   stupid game.   :(

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     Anyway, given the fact that there is a lighter and a darker side to us all, I give the choice to you of which side of me you would like to meet so I do not inflict any unwelcome or unnecessary pain upon anyone.

NEW!  Per request - a nude pic of me!

My Home Improvement project!

Hmmm..... which one to choose.....

Take a look at the bright side.                                My darker side.

Take a look at the bright side.


Tread lightly and carry a big stick!

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